Dress Code

Standardized Dress

Students are required to wear our designated campus standardized dress every day.  Occasionally, we will have a “free dress” day.  A written notice will be sent home to inform you of those special days.  Clothing should be clean and neat.  Shirts must be a polo style with a collar and pants must fit at the waistline.  On Fridays only, students may wear their Westwood Spirit T-shirts or college shirt with their navy blue or khaki pants. 

Tops:  Solid colored choices of red, white, navy blue, light blue collared shirts with short or long sleeves

Bottoms:  Solid navy blue and/or khaki shorts, skirts, pants, or jumpers with twill fabric (no denim or legging styled material)

Shoes:  Tennis shoes with shoelaces or velcro straps (no sandals; no zipper closures)

Belts:  Required for 5th grade. Optional for K-4th. Must be solid black, navy or brown with a standard buckle.  Students may not wear any belts with insignias, words, skulls or designs.