At Westwood, we believe in the power of partnership with parents and prioritize parent involvement.

We encourage you to meet with your child's teacher, follow your child's academic progress, and help them with homework to show that school is an important aspect of their lives.

Parents are also encouraged to attend school events during the school year. We also strongly encourage families to attend Parent U learning events.

Spring Branch ISD (SBISD) is committed to establish meaningful and effective partnerships with all stakeholders that foster meaningful engagement; providing opportunities that inform and equip all SBISD families and by creating viable partnerships between schools and families that ensure the success of Every Child. 

Outstanding Community Support & Engagement

SBISD is a strong supporter of relationships with community volunteers and partners. Our partners provide mentors, fundraising opportunities, job shadowing, job placement, in-kind donations, volunteer opportunities and academic support to SBISD students and staff. Our partners also provide employee perks opportunities and other services to district employees.

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