Campus Improvement Team

Chaired by the campus Principal, the Campus Improvement Team (CIT) is a campus level advisory committee whose purpose is to advise the principal on campus improvement. The CIT is comprised of a combination of certified professional campus-level and District-level staff, parents of students enrolled in the District, community members, and business representatives. The maximum number of CIT members is 18.

The CIT shall include the following members:

  • Campus-level school staff members (5–9 members)*
  • Non-school members (5–9)*
    • The majority are parents.
    • 1 or 2 are community representatives.
    • 1 or 2 are business representatives.

*The number of campus-level staff members and the number of non-school members shall be equal.

Additionally, one District-level professional staff liaison shall serve on each CIT whose membership shall not be counted in the composition number.

Member Roster 2023-24

Name Role Email
Criselda Chavez Principal
Angelique Moulton Asst. Principal
Griselda Trevino MCL
Carrie Ellis MCL
Madison Owen   Teacher
Edith Bonilla Teacher
Noemi Leon-Garcia Teacher
Claudia Rubio Teacher
Irene Herrera Counselor
Valerie Counts Parent  
Nancy del Rio Parent 
Kelley Escobar Parent  
Grecia Rio Parent  
Arcie Valdez Community
Penne Irvin Community  
Jennifer Villafranco Community